Talk, Read, Sing!

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Talk. Read. Sing.

Reading is an amazing way that children learn. Even for babies who don’t understand a word you’re saying! They focus on your voice. They hear new and different words. Eventually they can follow along with a story. Plus it is special time with you.

Reading helps children learn to: Talk  – Concentrate – Listen – Think

Your baby’s brain is developing at an amazing speed—and you play an important role. Your love and attention stimulate your baby’s brain to grow and make connections. By reading, talking, and playing with your baby every day, you help your baby build the skills and understanding that will be the foundation for his or her success in life. 

  • Reading helps babies develop important language skills and learn sounds, speech patterns, and words.
  • Talking to babies helps them learn to talk long before they say their first words.
  • Singing helps build security and confidence.
  • Playing helps babies learn to solve problems, communicate, and get along with others.

Best of all, these activities communicate your love. Reading, talking, and playing help build a strong relationship between you and your baby. Your smiles, laughter, and attention bring you closer together.

The payoff for this investment of your time and love is huge: children who read, talk, and play every day with their parents and caregivers are healthier, happier, and smarter—for life

How Your Baby Grows

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Congratulations! You’re experiencing the joys of being a new parent! It is truly amazing how much your baby grows and develops during the first years of his life. What should you expect as a parent as your baby grows? Let’s find out…

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Parenting can be challenging.
Sometimes, we all could use a little help

Triple P – Positive Parenting Program offers practical ideas and strategies for common parenting concerns.

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Parenting Education

Even More for Your Baby! Reading, talking and playing with your child everyday are important for his growth and development. Your baby’s health, a safe environment, and having high quality care are also extremely important.

Find other tools and resources for you and your baby. 

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