Child Care and Early Child Education

Community Action Partnership (CAP)

1300 North Dutton Avenue Santa Rosa

Head Start/Early Head Start

Comprehensive early childhood education, health, nutrition and parent involvement services

Pasitos Playgroups

Weekly parent-child group meetings with stories, song and fine-motor activities for parents of children 3-4 year-olds.


Parent-Child Education Program for Spanish speaking parents of children 0-3 years old.

Community Child Care Council (4Cs)

131-A- Stony Circle, Suite 300 Santa Rosa

Child development centers, preschool, child care referrals, and a voucher program to help income-eligible parents pay for child care.

Migrant Education

5510 Skylane Boulevard, Suite 100 Santa Rosa

Student and family support, student enrichment, intervention activities, summer educational program for children of migrant farm workers.

Petaluma Adult School

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Parent child education program for Spanish speaking parents of children 0-3 years old.


Weekly playgroups for Spanish speaking parents and their 3-4 year old.

The Consultation Project (ELI)

Support for children in childcare and preschool who may be struggling developmentally or with behavioral or social-emotional issues.  Free and confidential consultation to childcare providers and preschool teachers.


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24 hours a day 7 days a week phone line providing comprehensive Information and Referral Service for health and human services. They link the inquirer with an available, appropriate and acceptable community based service. Spanish spoken.