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Because baby’s don’t come with instructions.

Your baby will also learn how to deal with being afraid or sad or angry, with feeling hungry or cold. They will learn how to get up and try again after a fall or disappointment. They will learn how to reach out to help someone else.

Fortunately, the things your child needs most from you in these first five years are free and easy. Show your little one how much you love him or her by taking time to talk, play, laugh, sing, read, rhyme, dance, and tell stories together. Your love and these activities provide the stimulation a young child’s brain needs to develop; they provide the foundation for learning.

The Kit for New Parents offers many tools to help you and your baby make the most of these next five years. You’ll find expert advice and local resources, plus some gifts to enjoy with your child. 


This 100% Free Kit for New Parents includes the Advice for New Parents DVD, Puppy and Friends touch-and-feel book, Resource Guide, and much more. Kits are available in English, Spanish, Cantonese, Korean, Mandarin, and Vietnamese.

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