Quality Counts Sonoma

Quality Counts provides support to adults caring for children birth to five years old. We work with caregivers and teachers to enhance the care and learning for young children.
Children are cared for in many different settings. Our services are available to teachers and providers working in childcare centers, preschools and family childcare homes. We work with informal childcare as well such as playgroups or friends, family members or neighbors caring for young children.
Quality Counts is FREE! We have some funding for incentives as well. You may be able to get materials to use in your program or stipends for attending training.
Quality Counts includes professional development training opportunities with experts in the field, one-on-one onsite or virtual coaching, consultation with early childhood mental health consultants, peer mentorship, peer learning communities, and self-care support groups.
Quality Counts is strength-based. We look forward to meeting you and learning more about your style of care and teaching. We provide support and resources geared to your work with children. We want to learn about you and the families you work with so we can provide culturally responsive support.
We recognize that parents are their children’s first and most important teacher. We can share family engagement strategies with you.
Some of you are working with children and families who may benefit from even more support. We are open to working with all types of programs and caregivers and would love to meet more of you working with:

Joining Quality Counts is easy.  Contact Jerri Leighton at jleighton@sonoma4cs.org 707-544-3077 or Kathy Kelley at KathleenK@earlylearninginstitute.com  707-591-0170.  There is no wrong door, we are a team of professionals from different agencies.  We work together and will help connect you with what you want for your program or caregiving situation.