Other Funded Programs

AVANCE Parent-Child Education Program

The AVANCE Parent-Child Education Program provides weekly three-hour classes to low-income Latino parents who have children under age 3 and includes early education for the children. Classes focus on parent education, early childhood development, literacy, and school readiness and are conducted in Spanish. The program has been proven to significantly improve kindergarten readiness, maternal involvement in children’s education, maternal education, and to reduce reliance on public benefits over time. AVANCE children followed into the K-12 system showed increased attendance, reading and math proficiency, and high school graduation.

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Consultation Project

The Consultation Project provides free consultation services to childcare providers and preschool teachers to help them manage difficult behaviors of children in their care. Providers seeking assistance contact the project, and early childhood mental health and education specialists work with them to strengthen their understanding, willingness to persevere, and ability to intervene effectively with a challenging child. They provide developmental guidance, help providers interpret the meaning of a child’s behavior, and suggest interventions appropriate to a group setting. They also help providers strengthen the effectiveness of their environment and their team, as well as build positive relationships with parents so the needs of the whole child can be addressed. When needed, they make referrals to additional services for children, their parents, and providers.

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Covered Sonoma (Formerly Healthy Kids Sonoma County)

Covered Sonoma (Formerly Healthy Kids Sonoma County) supports health insurance applications for children 0-5 in Sonoma County through outreach, retention, evaluation and administrative services. Children ages 0-5 who do not qualify for publicly funded insurance are enrolled in Healthy Kids-funded health insurance.

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Nurse-Family Partnership

In the Nurse-Family Partnership program, registered nurses work intensively with first-time, low-income mothers for approximately 2.5 years. This home visiting model has been proven to improve prenatal health, reduce child abuse and neglect, reduce emergency room visits, and improve school readiness.

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Pasitos Playgroups

Pasitos Playgroups for Spanish-speaking parents and their 3 and 4-year olds effectively prepare children for school success while providing parents with a social network. Culturally competent strategies for fostering positive child development and early literacy and for nurturing family relationships are modeled by family advocates. Families are linked to resources for parenting, health, nutrition, and special needs, as well as facilitated enrollment in preschool or Head Start.

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Reach Out and Read

Reach Out and Read prepares America’s youngest children to succeed in school by partnering with doctors to prescribe books and encourage families to read together. Children served by Reach Out and Read show significant developmental gains in language and a six-month developmental edge over their peers in the preschool years.

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TALLK: Teachers Acquiring Language Learning Knowledge

The TALLK (Teachers Acquiring Language Learner Knowledge) project provides preschool teachers with training and coaching in specific strategies for interacting with English learner (EL) children to best support language acquisition.

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Triple P for Providers

First 5 Sonoma County supplies Sonoma County providers with the materials necessary to deliver Triple P for approximately 6 months. We will be working with you and your agency to gather data about the clients you see to monitor the success of our efforts to implement Triple P countywide.

(WHEEL) Plus – Worksite Held Employee English Learning program

The WHEEL Plus program informs the private sector about the high return on investments in early childhood. Employers are encouraged to adopt family friendly policies and can participate in activities to increase their employees’ family literacy.

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WIC Dental Days

WIC Dental Days provide dental health access at WIC sites. Services include preventive dental visits for children, culturally competent anticipatory guidance and nutrition education for parents, and comprehensive case management and referral assistance to link children to a dental home.

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Watch Me Grow

Watch Me Grow Services include screenings, social play-groups and home visiting services to support the healthy development of children with mild to moderate delays, significant risk factors, and/or social-emotional concerns.

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