First 5 Sonoma County’s Vision, Mission, Core Beliefs & Foundational Principles

Photo of Little Boy Holding Hat on Head


Children in Sonoma County from the prenatal stage to age five will develop to their fullest potential.


The mission of First 5 Sonoma County is to maximize the healthy development of all Sonoma County children from the prenatal stage through age five through support, education and advocacy.

Core Beliefs

We believe:

  • Children must be appreciated for who they are now as well as who they will become.
  • Experiences in the first five years have a critical and long lasting impact on a child’s developing brain.
  • Families are their children’s first teacher.
  • All children, regardless of language, culture, or special needs, have the right to access the entire spectrum of services that support their development.
  • The entire community benefits from providing all children with the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.
  • Early intervention and prevention services are essential investments of resources.

Foundational Principles

The First 5 Sonoma County Commission’s investments are aligned with the following Foundational Principles, which are grounded in current research and aligned with the statewide First 5 Network Strategy:

Strategic Plan

Download our 2021-2025 Strategic Plan Update (PDF)