Community Resilience & Engagement

Under Community Resilience and Engagement we aim to engage the entire community to support achievement in kindergarten readiness, 3rd grade achievement levels, and to keep children free of abuse and neglect.

Caritas Village Family Strengthening Hub provides integrated, wrap around family resiliency services, located in the County’s largest service center for families with children ages 0-5 experiencing or at risk of homelessness. Prioritizing the needs of these families is paramount, given the profound negative impact of homelessness and poverty on health, child development, family cohesion, and social mobility outcomes.

The reasons families become homeless are complex and often systemic. We know that the difference between a traumatized family engaging in services and not, is often based on trust. Trust comes from staff and services that are well versed in the relative conditions, client-directed, reduce barriers to entry, and known to be locally effective. Thus, in partnership with peer providers, Hub services will include a suite of human, health, educational and legal services delivered in an accessible, culturally relevant, trauma-informed manner. Over the course of the grant, Hub services will increase dedicated services by 20%, resulting in 70% of the County’s homeless households with children ages 0-5 receiving family strengthening support.
Founded in 1978, A Special Place is a full-time, year-round therapeutic pre-school and childcare program for children who have been impacted by trauma such as abuse, neglect, domestic violence and/or homelessness. YWCA’s Resource Assistance & Crisis Intervention Services act as a place-based hub for the families of A Special Place Therapeutic Preschool. The Bilingual Community Resource Advocate provides core activities such as resource assistance including but not limited to basic needs, housing assistance, benefits assistance, medical assistance, transportation assistance as well as crisis intervention services to families. All our preschool team is trained in Triple P-Positive Parenting program.

Generation Housing champions opportunities to increase the supply, affordability, and diversity of homes throughout Sonoma County. We promote effective policy, sustainable funding resources, and collaborative efforts to create an equitable, healthy, and resilient community for everyone.

Employer Supported Child Care The Santa Rosa Metro Chamber is available to consult on Employer Supported Child Care options and opportunities, and is here to support you throughout the process of creating on-site, near-site, or consortium-based child care for your employees.