Imelda Vera

Imelda Vera has resided in Sonoma County for 10 years. Her family is originally from Guanajuato Mexico, where she and her siblings were born. Imelda’s parents brought her and her siblings at a young age to Calistoga and made the Napa Valley their home. After high school, Imelda earned an Associate’s Degree from Santa Rosa Junior College, and then transferred to San Francisco State University, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.
Imelda’s passion for working with the community has brought her on an amazing journey. Currently a Program Manager at Humanidad Therapy & Education Services, Imelda has had the privilege of working with a broad variety of organizations, including Santa Rosa Junior College, Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County, Child Parent Institute, and Siyan Clinical Corporation. Prior to working for Humanidad, she served on the agency’s Board of Directors and she is also a former member of On the Verge, where she co-founded a startup community organization in Sonoma County, La Plaza Donde La Cultura Cura. Imelda has a passion for cooking and spending time with her family.