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The First 1000 Days

Every interaction counts.

A healthy baby is born with twice as many brain cells as an adult.  Those cells make either a positive or negative connection depending on interactions.

Same Baby / Different Brains

The early brain is designed to make strong connections through simple baby play and direct human kindness.  However, when babies are ignored, or exposed to violence or neglect, it changes their brains, making it hard to learn and focus.  Drug abuse, alcoholism, suicide, and heart diseases are more likely as an adult.

A baby's first 1000 days affects our whole community.

In utero - a mother's stress releases chemicals that can be toxic to a baby's developing brain cells.

Frequent fear trains a baby's brain to stay anxious.

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Do Not Use 300x241

Computers, phones and TVs do NOT promote healthy brain development.

 Excessive cell phone use in front of babies harms their ability to bond.

 Two or more hours of screen time before a baby's first birthday makes language learning six times slower.

Please Don't Yell

Long-term stress on babies brains puts them at risk for problems later.

30% higher risk for binge drinking

50% higher risk for drug abuse

67% higher risk for suicide

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