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Emergency and Important Numbers

911 80Police, Fire and Medical Emergency Assistance.

24/7 Hotline — Child Abuse Reporting Hotline

Report Child Abuse 80(707) 565-4304

Supervises the placement of dependent children in foster homes with the goal of family reunification, or permanent out of home placement, if reunification is not possible. The Division also licenses foster family homes and provides training and support to foster parents. Spanish spoken.

California Poison Control System/Poison Control Hotline

Poison Control 80800-222-1222

Trained health care professionals handle poison cases and provide emergency information on poison and drugs.

Child Protective Services/Child Welfare Services

Human Services 80(707) 565-4300

County of Sonoma Human Services Department Investigates reports of suspected child abuse, neglect, and exploitation and takes appropriate action to protect the child. Provides a 24-hour hotline to report suspected child abuse and neglect. Also provides services to assist parents in establishing a safe and healthy home environment. Considers placement of a child in a foster home or institution only when all other alternatives have been exhausted. Provides selection, placement, and supervision of a child's care if a child needs out-of-home care. Considers permanent alternative placement if circumstances prevent a child's return to the home. Provides protection supervision when a child is a dependent of the court or the family signs a voluntary agreement. May provide ongoing services on a court-ordered or time-limited basis following resolution of a case. Spanish spoken.

Domestic Violence Services

YWCA 80(707) 546-1234

1421 Guerneville Road, Suite. 200
Santa Rosa, CA  95403

YWCA of Sonoma County Provides a 24-hour hotline, individual and group therapy, and support groups for victims of domestic violence, child abuse and or sexual assault. A residential emergency safe house in a confidential location is also available for women and their children who are at-risk of domestic violence or sexual assault and cannot remain at home. Spanish spoken.

Mental Health Crisis Services

Health Services 80800-746-8181

Anyone living in Sonoma County who is having a mental health crisis can get help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling the County of Sonoma Department of Health Services Emergency Mental Health Hotline. The call is free. 

Office Of Vital Statistics

Public Health 80(707) 565-4407

415 Humboldt Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Sonoma County Department of Health Services Issues certified copies of birth and death certificates for the current year and one year in the past. Spanish spoken.

SAY Youth or Parent in Crisis Hotline

Social Security Office

Social Security 80(707) 544-4302

877-870-6384 - Toll Free - Spanish

2099 Range Avenue, Building A
Santa Rosa, CA 95401                                                            

For Social Security cards, numbers, and information. Spanish spoken.                                                                

Statewide Safely Surrendered Baby Locations

SSB 80877-222-9723 - 24/7 Hotline

A parent or person with lawful custody of a baby can confidentially and safely give up the baby within 72 hours of birth. The baby must be taken to a safe site, such as a hospital. No questions will be asked. The person giving up the baby will not be arrested. A parent or person with lawful custody has up to 14 days from the time the baby is given up to get the baby back. Information on website in English and Spanish.                           

Verity – Sonoma County Rape Crisis Or Trauma Hotline


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