Supervisor Shirlee Zane

Supervisor Shirlee ZaneSonoma County Supervisor Shirlee Zane took office in January 2009. Prior to her election she served for 10 years as CEO for Council on Aging. She holds graduate degrees in both Theology and Family Counseling and she has over 30 years of experience working in health and human services as a family therapist, minister, hospital chaplain, special education professional, and inner city social worker.

Supervisor Zane serves on several countywide and regional boards, including SMART, the Waste Management Agency and Bay Area Air Quality Management District. Through the National Association of Counties, she works nationally on implementation of health care reform, long-term care goals, mental health issues, and a health and human service policy platform for counties across the US.

Projects the Supervisor is currently focused on include working with colleagues to address the root causes of poverty; establishing a housing hub with over 100 units for veterans, seniors and disabled persons who were previously homeless; expansion of the Mobile Support Team for law enforcement mental health crisis calls; fast-tracking operation and pedestrian safety initiatives in preparation for SMART train service; and optimizing standards on air quality in the Bay Area.