Strategic Plan 2011 - 2020

The California Children and Families First Act of 1998 (Proposition 10), which established local First 5 commissions, requires that each county to have a strategic plan guiding services and supports for children from prenatal through age 5 (0-5) and their parents and caregivers. These efforts must enhance optimal early childhood development and ensure that children are ready to enter school. Strategic plans must be revised periodically.

The First 5 Sonoma County Commission adopted its first Strategic Plan in 2000, outlining goals, objectives and funding priorities to benefit the children and families in Sonoma County. In July 2010, the Commission began operating under its revised Strategic Plan for FY 2010/11 - FY 2014/15. In March 2011, the Commission approved extending the Strategic Plan to June 2020.

The Strategic Plan is updated every year. The following is the most current version with changes approved in January 2016:

Strategic Plan, 2011-2020 (PDF: 11 MB)

Upstream InvestmentsFirst 5 Sonoma County supports the principles of Upstream Investments and outcomes-based practices.

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