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We support Health programs because children who receive high quality health services are more likely to be healthy, happy, and ready for kindergarten.

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    More accessible dental care
    We increase children’s access to dental care. Our efforts helped over 2,100 children find a regular dentist, and 83% of returning children were cavity free at their next visit. Over 6,801 caregivers learned how to prevent tooth decay and support children’s healthy teeth.

    Learn more about Pediatric Dental Care

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    Earlier connections to services
    We support efforts to make sure children are screened for developmental delays early on and connected with the services they need. Last year, 72% of children showed improvement after completing home visiting services through First 5-funded programs, and did not need further services.

    Learn more about Early Interventions

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    More accessible health care
    We support efforts to ensure low-income families can access health insurance and have a regular place to go for health care. Currently, 95% percent of children under six in Sonoma County have health insurance.

    Learn more about Health Care

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