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Children have access to high quality health care

Nurse with BabyWhat We Do

We support countywide efforts, in coordination with Covered California, to minimize gaps in health insurance coverage among children 0-5. We engage leaders in a partnership to maintain ongoing focus on children 0-5, identifying ways to build providers’ capacity and understand outcomes to guide decision-making.

Why We Do It

High quality health coverage is essential to make sure children are ready for kindergarten and able to reach their full potential. Children with access to health insurance are more likely to have a “medical home” (regular source of care) and a long-term relationship with a healthcare provider. Additionally, children with health insurance are more likely to receive developmental screenings, preventive health care, timely immunizations, treatment for injuries, and physician’s care for conditions like asthma and ear infections. They are less likely to depend on hospital emergency rooms for routine care.

Our Results

We have supported efforts to ensure low-income families have access to health insurance and a medical home. 

Enrollment in Health Insurance through Healthy Kids

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We support Healthy Kids Sonoma County – a collaborative effort led by Redwood Community Health Coalition (RCHC) and partner organizations to minimize gaps in health insurance coverage among children 0-5 in Sonoma County.

RCHC helps families apply for and retain health insurance. In 2014-15:

1305 children ages 0-5 and pregnant women applied for health insurance in 2015-2016 through RCHC

1,397 children retained their health insurance at RCHC. This is critical because coverage often lapses after the first year.

100 Percent 200x95 2016 - 100% of Sonoma County children age 0-5 years are now insured.

Greater Access to Health Services for Petaluma Families

In 2015, we funded the renovation and move of the Petaluma Women, Infant, and Children’s (WIC) clinic to its new location at the Petaluma Health Center’s main campus. This move has increased Petaluma families’ access to health services.

Enrollment Petaluma Healthcare Since relocating, Petaluma WIC has seen a 38% increase in enrollments:

May - July 2014

129 families enrolled

May - July 2015

178 families enrolled

Learn more about Petaluma Health Center

“Families with young children can now see their health care provider and access the wonderful resources that WIC has to offer in the same building. Together we can further strengthen the systems of care that support the health and well-being of families and their children.”

Elisabeth Chicoine, Director of Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health, County of Sonoma Department of Health Services