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Family Well-Being

Mother and Child at breakfastWhat We Do

We promote collaboration among community partners and fund efforts to support early childhood mental health and reduce child abuse and neglect. We identify, implement, and sustain high-quality, evidence-based models that support families in strengthening their physical, emotional, and family well-being.

Why We Do It

Our earliest relationships and experiences shape our physical and emotional health for many years to come. Children who have supportive relationships with their parents and caregivers perform better in school, are healthier, and have higher self-esteem. Giving parents tools to create nurturing environments decreases child abuse and neglect, strengthens parenting capacity, and helps children thrive.

Our Results

We fund programs that support families in their efforts to create nurturing environments for their children to grow.

Nurse-Family Partnership

We invest in Nurse-Family Partnership for Sonoma County. Our efforts have contributed to the outstanding implementation of this program, inspired a county-wide home visiting collaborative,  and improved outcomes for more than 500 families since 2010.

Nurse-Family Partnership Program

Benefits of the NFP model

Better pregnancy outcomes:

Healthier moms deliver healthier babies

Better child outcomes:

Improved child health, development, and school performance, as well as fewer cases of abuse or neglect

Better family outcomes:

Mothers are better able to meet their family’s financial needs

"This program is preparing me to be the best new mom I can be."

Sonoma County NFP Participant

Learn more about Nurse-Family-Partnership

Sonoma County NFP: An Outstanding Model

Sonoma County NFP outperforms state and national NFP programs on multiple factors, all of which are linked to long-term positive outcomes for mother and child. 

Participants are more likely to:Sonoma CaliforniaNational
 Graduate from the Program 60% 37% 38%
 Breastfeed at 6 month 55% 44% 35%
 Complete Child's immunization by age 2 100% 92% 93%

Drug Free Babies

We fund the Drug Free Babies (DFB) program to reduce the negative impact of prenatal tobacco, alcohol, and other drug exposure. DFB employs a Perinatal Placement Specialist (PPS) who connects substance-using pregnant and parenting women with treatment. DFB has

In 2013-2014,  all 8 women who delivered babies while in the program gave birth to substance-free children. Given the lifelong costs associated with prenatal substance exposure, it is estimated the program has saved California between $6 and $11 million dollars in 2013-14 alone.

"It’s a life changing program. I learned so much, healed so much, and got my voice back."

Drug Free Babies Participant

Learn more about the Drug Free Babies Program

Triple P Positive Parenting Program

Parents who participate in Triple P learn strategies to improve parent child relationships and gain skills to raise confident, healthy children. We support providers to deliver seminars, workshops, and sessions with parents.

Benefits of the Triple P Model

  • Improved child behavior 
  • Increased positive parent child interactions
  • Decreased parental stress

Since 2010 we trained 500+ providers

410,000 reached by our community-wide campaign

Learn More about Triple P

Via Esperanza Centro de Educación

Via Esperanza ProgramWe helped to establish Via Esperanza, a state of the art family resource center at Cook Middle school in Santa Rosa. Via Esperanza is a hub for the community where parents are connected to a variety of complementary services in one location. AVANCE, Pasitos, and Triple P programs are offered on site. Parents can also participate in classes, attend counseling groups, and participate in peer network activities such as mothers clubs. 

Learn more about Via Esperanza


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