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Early Literacy

Family Graduating the ProgramWhat We Do

We support culturally appropriate programs that help parents read to their children at home and nurture a child’s early language development.

Why We Do It

The first few years of a child’s life are a time for extraordinary brain growth. In fact, 90% of a child’s critical brain development happens by age five.

As a child’s first teacher, parents and caregivers can strengthen brain development. Caregivers who read, play, sing, and talk about everyday activities support language growth and help children learn even before they begin school.

Our Results

We support programs and community efforts to help families learn ways to read, talk, and play together with their children

We fund the AVANCE Parent-Child Education Program and Pasitos Playgroups – programs that bring parents together with their children to teach them that they are their child's first teacher.  These programs also support the family's socio-emotional and community resource needs.


AVANCE is a nationally-  recognized family support program,   providing   weekly parent-child classes for low-income Latino families with children under age three. Since 2010, AVANCE Sonoma has been recognized for its model program implementation. To date, the program has served 920 parents and 1096 children.

book thumbnailAfter participating in the program:

  • 92% of parents read to their 0-3 child at least 3 times a week

  • 84% parents who completed the program plan to continue their education


Pasitos is a 24-week program for Spanish-speaking   families with 3- and 4-year olds not attending preschool. Pasitos families participate in weekly playgroup gatherings, providing opportunities for parents to observe and learn skills to foster healthy child development and early reading routines.

Since participating in the 2014-15 program:

Parents are more likely to read with their 3-4 year old child at least 5 times a week

9% of parents now have a better understanding of how their child develops

Talk-Read-Sing Messaging Campaign

Talk Read SingWe fund the Talk-Read-Sing bilingual campaign to share tips and resources that parents can use to read, talk, and play with their child everyday, promoting positive development during the youngest years. We work with social marketing specialists to spread these important messages through digital media in both English and Spanish.

From 2012-2015

  • English website traffic grew 280%
  • Spanish website traffic grew 683%
  • Nearly 4,000 people visited either website
  • Facebook audience grew 2,300% to more than 1,700 Likes

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