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Cotati Family Dentistry

(707) 664-1200

421 East Cotati Avenue #A, Cotati

Lower cost family dental care and services

County of Sonoma

Dental Health Access Information

(707) 565-6670


Dental Insurance options and dental clinics.

WIC Dental Days

(707) 565-6590 or (800) 816-3663


Petaluma, Sonoma, Santa Rosa & Guerneville.  Dental services for WIC-eligible children 0-5. 

Cultivating Health Mobile Dental Clinic

(707) 547-4686

Dental care for agricultural workers, their families, and other low income persons.

Lakewood Dental

(707) 836-8685

9046 Brooks Road South, Windsor

Lower cost family dental care and services for children ages under 21.

Pediatric Dental Initiative (PDI) Surgery Center

(707) 838-6560 or (877) 934-7372


1380 19th Hole Drive, Windsor

Surgery under general anesthesia for children with severe tooth decay.

Petaluma Health Center

Saints Jane and Mary Medical Clinic

(707) 591-9667

1580 Sebastopol Road, Santa Rosa

General practice clinic, dental and vision referrals to uninsured children.

Santa Rosa Community Dental Center

Santa Rosa Community Health Centers 80(707) 303-3395


1110 North Dutton Avenue, Santa Rosa

Open to all patients of Santa Rosa Community Health Centers.              

Santa Rosa Junior College Dental Hygiene Clinic

Santa Rosa junior College 80(707) 522-2844

Race Building, 1501 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa

Offers low-cost cleaning and x-ray.

Sonoma County Indian Health Care

Sonoma County Indian Health 80(707) 521-4600


Provides general dentistry and orthodontics to Native Americans, limited service to others.

Sonoma Valley Community Dental Center

St. Joseph Dental Clinic

St Joseph 80(707) 547-2221


751 Lombardi Court, Santa Rosa

Dental care with a strong focus on prevention and education. 

Russian River Dental Clinic

Western Dental

(707) 542-5200


Lower cost family dental care and services for children.