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Requests for Applications and Proposals

The First 5 Sonoma County Commission adopted its first Strategic Plan in 2000, outlining goals, objectives and funding priorities to benefit the children and families in Sonoma County. The Plan was last revised in 2015. In July 2010, the Commission began allocating funds for evidence-based programs proven to achieve outcomes in three programmatic goal areas, as well as in systems integration, policy change, and community engagement to support children and families. In March 2011, the Commission approved extending its Strategic Plan to June 2020. To support the implementation of the First 5 Sonoma County Strategic Plan, Requests for Proposals (RFP), Requests for Applications (RFA) and Requests for Qualifications (RFQ) will be posted to this website.

Sonoma County Children and Families Commission Supplantation Policy

First 5 Sonoma County is pleased to invite you to respond to the following opportunities:

Request for Proposals for Responsive Grants Fund: Addressing Long-Term Impacts of the North Bay Wildfires on Young Children

  • Proposals must be received no later than 2:00 PM on Wednesday, February 21, 2018.

    All documents relating to the RFP/RFQ are located on the County of Sonoma's Supplier Portal.

    Responsive Grants Fund: Addressing Long-Term Impacts of the North Bay Wildfires on Young Children

    In 2017, First 5 Sonoma County Commission approved a revision to the Strategic Plan that includes the Responsive Grants Program, an allocation of funding to allow the Commission to nimbly address emergent issues in the community impacting children, prenatal to 5. First 5 Sonoma County is inviting applications for grants of up to $300,000 to support services, programs and other projects intended to mitigate long-term negative impacts of the October, 2017 North Bay wildfires on young children. Funds may be expended over a maximum contract period of two years, starting no earlier than July 1, 2018 and ending no later than June 30, 2020. The maximum funding per year will be $200,000, not to exceed a total of $300,000.

    The intention of the First 5 Sonoma County Responsive Grants Funding is to fund projects and services that:

    • are driven by the understanding and anticipation of the long-term effects on young children of the losses, trauma and disruption that our community has experienced; and,
    • mitigate and/or prevent those effects by developing, providing, restoring, or otherwise supporting services and systems that promote optimal child development for all children, 0-5, that have been impacted, directly or indirectly, by the North Bay wildfires; and
    • leverage, to the greatest degree possible, the resources, funding and activities of concurrent rebuilding and recovery efforts currently underway and intentionally seek strategic opportunities for collective and collaborative action.

    This RFP invites proposals of projects, services or other activities that will support our community’s long-term recovery, as related to the disaster’s impact on young children. Some impacts, such as traumatic stress, are known factors, well-established in the research and the expertise to address already exists in the community. To address systemic impacts, such as redeveloping child care, will require cross-sector collaboration and leveraged funding to successfully achieve desired outcomes. Projects that support the optimal functioning and capacity of a system or organization will also be considered. 

    How to Submit Proposal/Qualifications

    Please login to the County of Sonoma's Supplier Portal to view the associated supplemental documents, as well as the RFP/RFQ. You must be registered in the  County of Sonoma's Supplier Portal in order to login and view, and download all solicitation documents. It is incumbent upon all interested parties to check for any changes, including updates or addenda, by logging into the County’s Supplier Portal and reviewing the event.