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New: Coping Resources

Published:  November 7, 2017

The recent fires have had a profound and lasting impact on the entire Sonoma County community, including its youngest residents.  Many families are struggling in the aftermath of this disaster as they cope with lost homes, schools, pets or even loved ones.  Children whose families did not experience a direct loss need help as well as they make sense of their feelings and fears around the fires and the losses experienced by their friends.

As a support for families with young children, First 5 has compiled the following list of resources. The list includes activity books that a parent or caregiver can complete with their children, tips on how to help babies, toddlers and young children cope in the aftermath of this disaster and local resources for counseling and support.  We will continue to update and expand the list as we learn about new resources.

In the following weeks as the community focuses on recovery and rebuilding, we will also be adding resources on building resilience and the skills needed to build strength and help each other cope.