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2017 Strategic Plan Update: Framing the Future

June 2017

To the Sonoma County Community:

Strategic Plan Cover 250x323The First 5 Sonoma County Commission is pleased to present the 2017 update to the 2010-2020 Strategic Plan. This update is intended to guide investment strategies for the next three years that support programs for children, prenatal to five, and tactics that support transition to a scaled down funding model, maximizing every dollar of revenue.

Proposition 10 represents the will of California citizens to empower each county’s First 5 Commission to dedicate funding where it is needed most in their community. As stewards of those public funds, First 5 Sonoma County’s investments must ensure that children receive the best start in life and that parents and caregivers have the tools they need to ensure their children are successful, life-long learners.

First 5 Sonoma County’s vision is that all children, 0-5, will develop to their fullest potential. Optimal child development happens when safe, inclusive communities and strong, healthy families understand and prioritize the needs of young children. First 5’s investments are dedicated to systems and services that support Sonoma County’s youngest residents during the first five years of life. Children are our number one priority.

Input from community stakeholders will always provide the foundation for understanding the unique child development needs of Sonoma County. On behalf of the Commission and staff, we thank our community partners who contributed to the development of this update to First 5 Sonoma County’s 2010-2020 Strategic Plan. We are particularly grateful for the expertise and wisdom of First 5’s Professional Community Advisory Committee (PCAC), as well as the diligence and integrity of the Strategic Planning Advisory Workgroup members.

In partnership,

Angie Dillon-Shore, Executive Director, and Socorro Shiels, Commission Chair

First 5 Sonoma County Commissioners

The California Children and Families First Act of 1998 provided for the creation of a county Commission charged with promoting, supporting and improving the early development of children from the prenatal stage through five years of age. The First 5 Sonoma County Commission, was established by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors in December 1998.

First 5 Sonoma County Staff

  • Angie Dillon-Shore, Executive Director
  • Kathryn Pack, Evaluation & Communications
  • Leah Benz, High Quality Early Care & Education
  • Carla Denner, Early Childhood Mental Health
  • Adriana Arrizon, School Readiness
  • Caterina Passmore, Fiscal Administration Support
  • Andrew Leonard, Community Engagement
  • Sheri Lang, General Administrative Support


Strategic Planning Advisory Workgroup

The First 5 Sonoma County Strategic Planning Advisory Workgroup was comprised of a group of key stakeholders who dedicated significant time and expertise to ensuring a thoughtful and meaningful planning process. Their experience and expertise was invaluable to the development of transition strategies and investment allocations for 2018-2021.

Professional Community Advisory Committee

The PCAC is comprised of over 20 provider agency leaders who provide consultation to the Commission and staff about community trends that impact children and families. Co-chairs are:

VIVA Strategy + Communications

VIVA is an independent consulting firm. Saeed Mirfattah worked closely with staff and stakeholders to skillfully guide the 2017 process to update to the 2010-2020 Strategic Plan.

Learning for Action (LFA)

LFA is the independent consulting firm that has expertly served as First 5 Sonoma County’s evaluator since 2010. The LFA team provided the impact report based on their extensive analysis of First 5 Sonoma County’s investments.