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First 5 Sonoma County Strategic Plan Framework: 2010-2020

Core Beliefs


Boy on Tricycle 200x459Children in Sonoma County from the prenatal stage to age five will develop to their fullest potential.


The mission of First 5 Sonoma County is to maximize the healthy development of all Sonoma County children from the prenatal stage through age five through support, education, and advocacy.

Core Beliefs

  • Children must be appreciated for who they are now as well as for who they will become.
  • Experiences in the first five years have a critical and long lasting impact on a child’s developing brain.
  • Families are their children’s first teachers.
  • All children, regardless of language, culture, or special needs, have the right to access the entire spectrum of services that support their development.
  • The entire community benefits from providing all children with the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.
  • Early intervention and prevention services are essential investments of resources.

Guiding Principles

  • Partner with parents, families and communities to provide safe and nurturing environments for young children.
  • Recognize and honor the rights, intelligence, curiosity and imagination of all children.
  • Respect the diversity, strength, uniqueness, and potential of all children, families and communities.
  • Invest in programs and systems that are most likely to lead to sustainable systems change.
  • Collaborate with community partners to coordinate and integrate services for children form the prenatal stage through age five and their families.
  • Build support for policies and research based programs that benefit children from the prenatal stage through age five and their families.

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